A Men’s Ruck Walk is set for August 10th, starting at 6:30 PM. The men will be meeting in Prospect Park, at the corner of Cajon and Highland. We are asking that participating young boys be at least of middle school age. There is a participation fee of $5.

What’s rucking?
-Rucking:(verb) to walk with weighted backpack. (Normally 10lbs-45lbs)
What’s the $5 for?
-You get an event patch custom made for this event by one of our own!
What fitness level do I need to be?
-All fitness levels welcome. Our course will involve just over a three mile walk with some extra challenges and hills along the way.  If rucking is too tough then join us for a walk!  The fitness isn’t the goal the camaraderie is!
So I am walking with other men and some weight?
-Yes and more! We will have some additional challenges to help make it memorable and fun.

Join us for an evening of shared pursuit of fitness!

For more information, please contact Joel Hurst.