Time: Wednesdays, 6:30pm

Location: TBA

Leaders: Rich & Rhonda Johnstone

About: Our children are precious to us, so naturally we want to protect them and guarantee their safety and happiness. We want to get it right, so our children will be all right. But we live in a broken world where things don’t always (or never?) go as planned. Children make mistakes and, if they are honest, parents know they make mistakes too. So it’s easy for parents to live in fear, regret, confusion, and sometime hopelessness about parenting and the children they love. Is there a better way? Can you learn to live by faith, to trust the God who made you and your children with their past, present, and future? How can Christian parents live by faith as they parent their children?

This class will help Christian parents apply the gospel of Jesus Christ to their families. Each lesson looks at parenting through the lens of God’s grace for sinners (parents and children) and gives parents a gospel-center to their parenting. Parents will learn how to live out the biblical principles of faith, repentance, and faithfulness to their calling as Christian parents with their children. Each lesson is self-contained, featuring clear teaching from biblical Scripture, and requires no extra work outside of the group setting.

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